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> What is MyTripSharing?

MyTripSharing (MTS) is a travel information website based on independent travelers already-made multi-step trips.

On one side, MTS allows travelers to share their unique trip experiences in an easy, quick and interactive way. On the other side, this will help and inspire other travelers in the organization of a unique trip experience in a specific continent, country, city.



> Why should I use MyTripSharing?  

  1. MTS as your easy-to-use trip diary

How many times you forgot what you have done during that amazing trip a while ago?! Yes you’re right but I’m too lazy to write down everything I’ve done in my trip!

No problem! From now on no more type in, descriptions and further information…with MTS you’ll be able to keep track of your trips in just few clicks! You just need to answer pre-made questions with a multiple choice maximum 1 minute per each Step.

No time to complete your trip now? No rush, you can save and complete it when you’ll have free time again. In the meantime the trip will be published and visible as “not complete”.

And if I would like to write some notes down?! No worries, in each Step you’ll have the opportunity to add free text with a maximum of 140 characters.


  1. MTS will drastically reduce the endless time you spend on organizing a trip

Everything is based on getting rid of useless information, like “I was speechless looking at the Colosseum” or “My kids went crazy in Disneyland Paris”…these are not things useful to know when you organize a trip.

That’s why both the user contributor and the user visitor have access to only clear, immediate and necessary information that make a trip possible: from/to, transports used, accommodations…

  1. MTS as a traveler hub: be part of the community!

You will be able to follow specific travelers that meet your trip style, to rate trips you like, to get inspired on the next destinations to visit.



Share a trip

> Do I need to be registered to start sharing my trips?

Yes, it allows us to assign the trip you shared to you. Email, password and it’s done, register here!


> Why should I share my trips on MTS?



> How can I share my trips?

You can access the “Insert New Trip” page by clicking here, clicking on the “START NOW!” button or the top right “INSERT NEW” button in the Homepage.

Once in the page, you’re ready to start:

  1. Insert the general info: choose the title for your trip, period and duration and companion/s
  2. Let’s dive into the details: describe the Steps that composed your trip
  3. Add the condiments: stopped by somewhere? Amazing day trip? List the quick Stops done!


Also, here’s few rules to bear in mind when you share your trips:

  • A trip can have an infinite numbers of Steps
  • Each Step can have a maximum of 3 Stops
  • A trip to be published must have at least: Trip Title, From/To (Step 1), Transport + price, Accommodation + price. The other fields are facultative
  • A trip can be composed by one Step only (i.e.: : Rome-Barcelona by plane)
  • A trip can be saved and published also if uncompleted. In this case the trip will be shown with a “Pending” flag. The user contributor can then complete the trip afterwards


(Share a trip – steps examples – screenshot)



> How can I modify or delete the trips I shared?

Easy. In your profile you have the possibility to edit and/or delete the trips you shared at any time. You need to simply click on the “EDIT”/”DELETE” button on the top right of the trip you want to edit/delete.



> What’s the reward of sharing my trips on MTS?

Good question. In a first phase, the TOP 5 best rated trips will be shown in Homepage together with the TOP 5 user contributors with the highest numbers of trips shared…don’t miss the opportunity to be at the top of the MTS traveller community!

In a second moment, by end of 2017, you will start earning points for each trip shared with the possibility to get a range of discounts for your next trips (to be defined)!



Research trips

> Do I need to be registered to start researching for trips?

No, you can freely browse through the infinite number of trips shared in MTS. However, without registration, you won’t be able to vote a trip or start following a traveller. And by the way, why not to be part of a unique traveller community?! You just need to enter your email and choose a it here!



> Why should I start researching trips on MTS?

  1. To reduce the endless time you usually spend on organizing your trip
  2. To get real information from real travelers from real trips
  3. To get inspired on choosing your next destination



> How can I start research for trips?

You can access the “Research a trip” page by clicking here or typing a destination in the Search box in Homepage.

In the Search box you will be able to enter a continent, country, city or attraction you would like to visit in your next trip.

As results you will get the list of all the trips made by travelers with at least one Step in the continent, country, city or attraction you typed in the Search box. If you are interested on a specific trip, you can easily get more details clicking on the trip title or “More” button.



> How can I refine my research?

Easy. In your profile you have the possibility to edit and/or delete the trips you shared at any time. You need to simply click on the “EDIT”/”DELETE” button on the top right of the trip you want to edit/delete.



Inside a trip

> How can I get an overall idea of the trip chosen?

To get a quick understand of the trip you chose, once clicked, you will have on the top all the total info regarding the entire trip:

  • Starting point/Final Destination
  • Period and duration
  • Travel companion/s
  • Total cost
  • Total km travelled
  • Transports and Accommodations used
  • Kind of places visited
  • Trip mood

Most of these info are taken from the different Steps details you select while sharing your trip.

If interested in more details, you can take a deep look into all the Steps which compose the trip.



> How can I get into the trip details?

You can jump into the details of a specific trip clicking on the Trip Title or on the “More” button:

  • Randomly in HomePage with a selection of the last trips shared on MTS
  • After selecting a specific destinations in the Search Box
  • In the profile of every users with at least one trip shared



> What’s the percentages next to the overall info mean?

Good question. Since a trip can be composed by infinite Steps, the percentages correspond to how much of a specific transport, accommodation, kind of places visited or the trip mood have been used or experienced in the whole trip.

Let’s make it easier with an example:

Step 1:

From/To: New York to Miami

Transport used: Car

Accommodation: Hotel

What’s on: City, Beach

Most likely for: Relax, Party

Step 2:

From/To: Miami to Havana

Transport used: Ferry

Accommodation: Apartment

What’s on: City

Most likely for: Culture, Music

Trip Overall:

Transport used: 50% Car, 50% Ferry

Accommodation: 50% Hotel, 50% Apartment

What’s on: 75% City, 25% Beach

Most likely for: 25% Relax, 25% Party, 25% Culture, 25% Music



> Can I save a trip I like?

Yes, you will be able to save any trip as “Favourite” by simply clicking on the hearth icon next to the “Rate this trip” option.

Once saved, it will be stored in your profile in the “Favourite Trips” section allowing you to have a look at them whenever you’d like.

Vote trips/Follow travelers



> How can I vote a trip?

A trip can be voted by clicking on the stars next to the “Rate this trip” label. The scale is from 1 to 5 stars, the more you like the more stars you should choose!

The trips you voted there will be shown in your profile in the “Trips Rated” section in a chronological order.



> What happens when I start following a traveler?

If you start following a traveller, you will be advised, via email and in your MTS inbox, anytime this traveler will do something on MTS: sharing/editing trips, rating a trip, following traveler, changing profile information.



Account and profile

> How do I register?

You can sign-up to MTS by:

  • Clicking on the SIGN UP button on the top right in every page and on the footer in Homepage
  • Clicking on INSERT NEW without being registered: there will be the link for signing-up

And subsequently:

  • Insert your credentials: Username, Email, Password or
  • Through Facebook using your Facebook credentials



> Which are the benefits of being registered?

Being registered in MTS will allow you to:

  • Share your trips
  • Have a personal profile with all the info regarding your trips
  • Rate a trip
  • Follow travelers
  • Sign-up to the newsletter



> How can I create my profile?

First of all, in order to create a profile you need to be registered.

After the registration, you will be able to update additional information about yourself and your travel lifestyle.

You can start signing up here!



> Which information will be visible on my profile?

Your profile can be divided into:

  • Personal info: profile picture, nickname, nationality, age, DOB, travel motto
  • Travel lifestyle: stats on how do you usually travel (automatically calculated based on your trips)
  • Trips shared: List of all the trips you shared on MTS
  • Trips rated: List of all the trips you voted
  • Travelers you follow



> Can I edit or delete my profile?

Yes, you will be able to edit your profile at any time by simply clicking on the Edit button next to your nickname.

The only area you cannot edit or delete is the trips you voted. These will remain tracked in our databases.

You will be able to delete your profile by simply clicking on the Settings à Delete profile