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How it works

MTS – How it works


> Insert a new trip

To insert a new trip you can click on the “START NOW” button below the main logo or on the “INSERT NEW” button in the top right of the HomePage.

To insert a new trip you must be a registered user: to do so you can click on the “SIGN UP” button at the top right of the HomePage or at the bottom above the footer in HomePage.

Once in the page, adding a trip experience is direct, quick and easy:

  • Choose a Title
  • Add all the info of the different Steps of your trip (From/To, Transport, Photo&Video…)
  • Add a maximum of 3 Stops within 1 Step with all the info related



  • A trip can have an infinite numbers of Steps. Each Step can have a maximum of 3 Stops;
  • A trip to be published must have at least: Trip Title, From/To (Step 1), Transport;
  • A trip can be composed by one Step only (i.e.: Rome-Barcelona by plane)
  • A trip can be saved and published also if uncompleted. In this case the trip will be shown with a “Pending” flag. You can then complete the trip afterwards.



> Research a trip

If you want to decide the destination of your next trip or define the itinerary in your next destination, you can type any continent, country, city or attraction in the search box below “WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO?” or click on the “SEARCH TRIP” button at the top right of the HomePage.

In addition, you have the opportunity to refine your research applying the different filters, which include also:

  • “Departing from?”: The user looks for trips in “Italy” with “Rome” as a starting point. The results will exclude all the trips in Italy without “Rome” as a starting point
  • “What’s your budget?”: The user selects a price range willing to spend in the whole trip
  • “How far you want to travel?”: The user can decide how far he’s willing to move around (i.e.: “Rome” within 50 km range). To apply only when the research is at a city or attraction level.



> Trip Details

To browse inside a specific trip, you can click on the Title, Picture or “More” button in the HOMEPAGE or in the “Research a Trip” page.

You will be able to see:


Trip Overview

  • Trip Title
  • From/To (starting point/final destination)
  • Period
  • With who
  • Lenght
  • Total km
  • Total cost (price range)
  • Transport (with percentages of the transports used in the whole trip)
  • Accommodation (with percentages of the accommodation used in the whole trip)
  • What’s on (with percentages of the different What’s on in the whole trip)
  • More likely for (with percentages of the different More Likely For in the whole trip)



Step 1:

Rome – Milan (600km) by CAR ($300) in HOTEL ($30), 4 NIGHTS

Step 2:

Milan – Munich (400km) by BIKE ($15) in CAMPING ($10), 6 NIGHTS


Rome – Munich (1000km) CAR (50%), BIKE (50%), HOTEL (50%), CAMPING (50%), TOTAL COST ($355), LENGHT: 8-14 days



> Steps

The user will see the fields populated by the contributor



> Stops

The user will see the fields populated by the contributor



> Rate a trip or follow a traveler

You will have the opportunity to vote a trip you liked or follow a traveler in order to get updates on new trips shared, next destinations and so forth.

You can vote a trip in the Trip Overview section below the trip cover picture. The vote could be from 1 to 5 stars (min to max scale).

You can start following a traveler clicking on the “Follow” button next to the traveler Username

You must be registered to access these features.



> Profile

Your profile will be composed by:

  • Profile picture
  • Username
  • Nationality
  • Short description
  • Trips Shared (completed, pending)
  • Next wished destinations
  • Followed contributors/Trips rated